What's the best gas and electric deals about ?

Found 19th Sep 2017
Moving into my first house and I'm not really clued up on what to do in terms of gas and electric.
I had a look on moneysupermarket but does it matter if I go for a provider that I've never heard of ?
Do you save from having gas and electric from the save company or should I have it from two separate ones ?
Any advice would be appreciated
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a online comparison search would be a good start, providers can vary from big companies to little companies that you have no idea who they are. You normally sorry by having dual service i.e. both from the same provider. Give it another search. I always say my usuage is much more than what they recommend.
I done mine yesterday. TCB(£30)>>>Uswitch>>>npower.

Try the TCB/Quidco cashback sites.
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Compare a few deals through comparison sites, I've noticed that it seems to cost more going directly to the supplier (Silly right? Since they pay commission on referrals - but probably have more people going to them than from referrals)

Next, remember what they charge - take down the rate and standing charge

Then start comparing!

Does it matter if it's a supplier you've never heard of? I normally check reviews for each company I've never heard off.

I've only just switched couple months ago, and it only came in effect this month or so, so can't comment on anything else.

Good luck.
money saving expert forums are good for info
Thanks for your help everyone, I'll start searching!
Money saving expert do an energy saving club. I used it and cheapest for me was a company called breeze. Not sure about if to go with them or a more well known firm .
Used energy saving club and went with Edf. Slightly more expensive than some but there was little or no feedback for the smaller,less well known companies.
Shouldn't really matter who you go for - I'm with GreenStar who are a lot cheaper than then big energy suppliers.

Support is really slow though, just to sort out a pw issue took a few weeks!

It's just simpler if you use one suppler for both gas and lecky.
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