Whats the best highway code book to learn from for the car theory test?

    Looking for a book which is well illustrated and clarifies the essential points. Looked through the free dvla one and theres a lot of text, which doesn't help me. I've got the cd's to help with practice questions, i'm just looking for a good book.
    Anyone got any recommendations?


    If you've got the CD's then why do you need the book?

    ]http//ww…tml That will cover ALL the questions asked by the theory test computer.

    I got 50/50 using this..

    i had both book and cds but didnt read book. cd roms were better...and made me pass first time!!

    me too i had both books and cds but mainly used cd's, the book i had was the official dsa guide to the theory test which included in it the highway code
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