What’s the best internal hard drive for gaming on pc?

Posted 24th Jan 2023 (Posted 20 h, 51 m ago)
I bought a seagate barracuda 4tb hdd the other day but a lot of reviews I’ve seen say it’s good for storing not for gaming also on a video I saw the loading times for games were quite long what would be the best alternative drive or is this one good enough
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    Which motherboard?
    What size are you after?
    Any budget?
    Gigabyte B550 AORUS Elite V2 ATX Motherboard
    2tb in an ssd as 4tb is too much
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    Any SSD is better than a HDD. The data transfer speeds are like chalk and cheese.

    And nobody wants chalk on their pizza.

    The big issue is purpose and price. SSDS are more expensive than HDDS. 'gaming' is a broad term. The newest AAA games absolutely gobble hard drive space, so if thats your bag then while an SSD would be best for performing, you wont get much on it without spending quite a bit. (edited)
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    At the most basic level; an HDD (hard disk) stores data like a book in a library on a shelf. An SSD stores is as you use your brain memory. Access to data is near instantaneous and so your game goes faster

    As with a car, putting bigger wheels on makes it go faster but all sorts of other things (brakes, speedo, fuel consumption, ride height) can break as a direct result of just upgrading to bigger tyres.

    A newer model PC may yet be the best bet but thats expensive.

    Do watch for heat build up if you put in an SSD to a case not built for it.
    My pc was built recently I have a P3 1tb for a boot drive but want another drive for my games
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    Games don't run from hard drives, be they SSD, HDD or hybrid;. They load from slow storage to faster RAM by design. Once the game has loaded you won't see much if any in-game difference. Loading levels might cause a few blips. So the best advice is to buy the largest capacity fastest drive you can afford.
    What you could do is buy a large capacity HDD and have a fast SSD - install the game you are currently playing on the SSD for that extra speed bump
    i have a 4tb barracuda unopened and a 1tb crucial p3 as a boot drive

    i have a 4tb barracuda unopened and a 1tb crucial p3 as a boot drive (edited)
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    I have 4 drives in my PC. A 128GB Integral SSD for Windows, 256GB Crucial SSD for Games, and 2.75TB worth of HDD storage for stuff like movies/music/photos, older games and backup.

    So yeah, I'd recommend a SSD for storing games. I've bought a 480GB one to replace the 256GB one but haven't installed it yet.

    From what I gather, spending more on a SSD will get you faster sustained write speeds- for writing large files to the drive. I don't think there is a huge difference when it comes to read speeds, which will be your main use when loading games into RAM.

    ...other people will be more fussy than I am and will probably recommend a Samsung or whatever, but personally I opted just to spend £27 on a basic 480GB Integral V Series SSD drive for my games. (edited)
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