whats the best iphone deal out there?

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Found 5th Feb 2009
well seeing as i should have a permanent job as of tomorrow im gonna treat myself to an iphone, probably on contract.

my want list:

16gb white iphone
500 texts

that should be plenty, cheap as possible please


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You missed the boat... so not much help really.... but 2 weeks ago the best offer thats been available was for the 16GB iPhone, with free iPod touch...

But there are never any deals on them really. Price fixing by Apple.

One of the options you have is to take out an o2 ]simplicity tariff and source the phone privately or get one payg.

Online simplicity 20
600 mins
1200 texts

Plus choose your Bolt On:
Web bolt on

£19.58 a month * 18 (18 oppossed to the minimum iphone contract youd have to take) £352.44

O2 iphone contracts

£34.26 a month 600 mins 500 texts web & wifi + phone cost = £772.29 (-352.44 = £419.85)

£44.05 a month 1200 mins 500 texts web & wifi + phone cost = £850.64 (-352.44 = £498.20)

[COLOR="Red"]The amounts in brackets are the totals you'd have available to spend on an iphone if you took the simplicity contract, to either equal or beat the o2 contracts.[/COLOR]

I needed a new phone and quite fancied an iPhone to impress the hell out of..... well me actually.

So I borrowed one from a friend and whilst it made the woman in my life find me incredibly attractive (for a full 5 minutes :thumbsup: .. ) I quickly discovered though it was quite awkward to use and cumbersome to carry around, but hey for a full 5 minutes I was a King again :whistling: and it did have an Apple Logo on it .....

Anyway in the end I bought a gold XPhone off Ebay for £150 ( gold like an Olympic Medallion and let me tell you ...... Gold works everytime with the woman in my life and we are not talking 5 minutes of being master of my Kingdom anymore - we are talking a full six minutes (actually it 3 minutes but on two occassions hence the full six minutes).)..

I then got an O2 Simplicity deal £20 for a ridiculous amount of calls and text.

Now all I am looking for is somthing I seemed to have lost a long long time ago...

Yeah you've guessed it A LIFE

Best of luck with the new job..
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