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Found 8th Nov 2008
Hi im not sure if this is the right place to ask this or not but hear goes anyways ive just got myself 1 of the new ipod classics 120gb a silver 1 and im wanting to get sum speakers for it,something thats got alotta base and will annoy the neighbours,any suggestions?


Same situation, just looked at ebuyer and seen some seniserssssss in green for about 13 quid, going to give it a go, but no free delivery!!!!

Sorry was half asleep when posted reply!!!, the above was in reference to headphones, the old bose model is about £150 from John Lewis a few months ago!! just checked still alf price with 2 year warranty


ermmm.......... A few people say the Bose one, and yes they sound very good.

A couple of points I would like to add.

Never heard anyone prefer the "sound" of the Bose compared to the Zeppelin.

Base was mentioned and this is where the Bose loses out big time, read some reviews.

The Zeppelin is more expensive, and its design is possible an "acquired taste"

Please Note, I said the Bose sounds very good, only other thing I would mention would be about the build quality, the Bose's all look like they use "cheap" plastic.

The Build quality of the Zeppelin is Pure class.

The Klipsch iGroove iPod Speaker System Black on Amazon for 79.99 is a great piece of kit.
Look at the reviews it gets against the more costly versions

Samsung YA-SBR510B Surround Sound Speaker System with FREE Bluetooth Dongle for ipod


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Cheers everyone rep added and thanx ill check out whats been suggested and see which I fancy,uptill now I had been looking at the klipsch igroove on amazon but ive a silver ipod so I suppose id have to get silver speakers but looking at the klipsch igroove silver version it doesnt look as good as the black,any chance anyones got one or has seen one close up could ellaborate and let me know if its any good?thanx again.
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