What's the best item to sell on ebay??????

Found 24th Feb 2009
I realise that this is like searching for the holy grail but I fancy making a few bob on the side each month. Who doesn't! Just wondered if there was anyone doing this who was willing to share their secrets. Just how do you pick what item to focus on??????

In the past I've made a few grand from selling Wii's when they were in short supply (by travelling to europe & importing them) and a few other short lived fads. I'm looking for something a bit more sustainable.

I have about 40 hours per week that I would be willing to put into this if the reward was worthwhile.

Or if anyone has any alternative ideas, please suggest away!

Obviously, reps added for good ideas. Cheers, Chris.


Whatever the 'in thing' is atm ? will do well. Don't ask me what though as I'm just getting out of the 70's :-D

If you do this for 40 hrs per week are you classes as self-employed and do you have to pay tax etc? Just wondering.

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I agree snowtiger, tried keeping up with the 'in thing' but the Ebay pulse etc is just too vague.

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you are meant to LJM. ;-)

Just buy a load of Adult sex toys ;-) when there on offer here. they always seem popular :whistling: especially the Rabbit


Collectable postage stamps - cheap to advertise and post and potentially high value.

Why don't you post this on the Ebay forums,Q+A,it'll go down well:whistling:

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Cheers guys. I like the sound of the stamps, where would you source them?

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thanks deb8z that was helpful

Its hardly the brightest of ideas to ask on a forum how to make money on the side.:whistling:

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I'm sure MI5 are surrounding my house as we speak deb8z

If you want to start selling on a regular basis on ebay you need to register as a business seller with them and also inform the tax office within 3 months of starting your business,but i assume thats not want you want to hear as you want to do it on the side.

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I've no problem doing it legit. Thx for the info deb8z
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