Whats the best laptop i can get for £300

    Looking for a laptop for my 8 year old to do his homework on only got about £300 to spend he has iPads and things but wants a laptop no idea where to look

    7 Comments is a reasonable place to look for decent priced laptops.

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    This one may be ideal for you because it can take some abuse (from kids!) and liquid spills. Also got Windows 10 and Office £169.99.

    Acer 11.6 inches Cloud Book AO1-132 Intel Celeron N3050 2 GB 32GB EMMC Windows 10 White…DFF
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    Does it have to be new? Spend £300 on a 12m old laptop and you'll get much better spec. If it's *just* for homework then you could quite easily spend £150 on a 4yr old Dell and have no issues, most will come pre-installed with Windows 7 and Office.

    Bought a refub from Tesco Outlet last week delivered next day, it was brand new.…c=1

    Check out Amazon New & Used prices - I just got a £499 laptop for £272. I5-6200, 8GB RAM, 1TB hybrid hard drive with full HD screen. Beats my 4th gen i7 Samsung laptop anyday. Check the Condition listing carefully - if it says Open Box and doesn't list any damage, it's a customer return where Amazon have broken the box seals to check it on return.
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    Thanks will have a look at those

    This is the best deal available at the moment. You get a £100 back if you select BNPL.
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