What’s the best men’s hair removal product?

Found 13th Oct 2017
I have previously used Veet but wondering if there is a better product. Thanks
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Where is the hair in question
hairycanary9 m ago

Where is the hair in question

Chest and back really. I don’t dare put the cream anywhere else
Wd40 and a lighter works for me
How about some laser sessions? Or if you have a buddy..buy a machine

Those discs that exfoliate the hair off like the sanding machines

Let it grow
No treatment removes permanent. Trust me i have looked. Expensive treatments reduce the hair fine and some reduce the time for it to grow back. Waxing will last all week on hols. But cream 2days max. You will need to do it again maybe forth day on hols. Dont worry to much about the chest. As a hairy man lol myself is sexy ! Trim it a little. Remember he is a man . I just use the pound land cream . All cream does the same. Although do a test on skin like you would do for hair colour. You never know x
An angle grinder. To pun intended.
Get married....lose your hair.

Have kids....lose your hair.

Kids grow to teen-agers....lose your hair.

Enjoy it while you got it!!
How an earth can you fill your chest with veet cream? Oh my

Use wax or epalator. Try someone's first because some are painful. Mines a Baun and has rollers as arrangements. Nake sure you use them otherwise it kills.
The cream from avon is brill
I get the wife to do mine with a Mach 3, but she refuses to do my arse.
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