What's the best NDS flash cartridge on the market these days?

    Hi all

    I'm looking to update from my original R4 to something that supports SDHC. There are loads to choose from now, I'm looking for something that'll go hand-in-hand with my EZ Flash 3-in-1 slot 2 card.

    Heard good things about AceKard and there's the DSTT which is cheap as chips (but not the most reliable / lots of fakes supplied)
    Then there's the million and one 'new' R4's, 'Advance,' 'III', etc.

    With so many to choose from what do HUKD'ers recommend now?



    i have a ddst card orignal if its the right prices
    most people say these are the best i have one and works great

    Do you need "The best", or do you need one that plays games and not all the bells and whistles?

    If the former, pay around £30 for a Cyclods, if the latter, get an Acekard 2 or Edge for under £10

    I recommend the M3 it's far more reliable than the DSTT

    At the premium end, you have the CycloDS Evolution and the Supercard DS One. These come with a wider range of features than most people would use and development teams who issue regular updates to remove glitches and ensure the most modern games will work with the cards. As an example of the features: The CycloDS card will play GBA games without needing a 3rd party loader. It has real-time saves so you can effectively save mid way through difficult parts of a game. It has an in-built text reader so you can have game instructions or game walk-throughs. The CycloDS tends to cost around £40, the SuperCard DS One can be had for around £22.

    In the mid-range, you have the M3 Real and the Edge. These cards lack the features of the premium cards but still have regular updates and strong support from their development teams. They are a good choice if all you want to do is play DS games or use the Moonshell media player. Expect to pay around £10 - £20 for mid-range cards.

    At the budget end you have the DSTT (Top-Toy) together with dozens of other less well known cards. The Top-Toy has a good reputation for updates but, in my experience, has a lower build quality than the mid-range cards. They will provide a similar experience to the mid-range cards and can be a good choice when money is tight. These can be purchased from around £5.

    Make your choice of card and match it to a MicroSD memory card. Search on pricerunner or google shopping to get the best deals. Otherwise, look at 7-day-shop; picstop or Amazon. Each 1Gb of memory will hold up to 25 games.

    In terms of choice, I would recommend that you consider only 4 cards: Super premium = CycloDS; premium = Supercard DS One; mid-range = Edge; budget = DSTT

    CycloDS Evolution ]http//ww…htm £29.99+ delivery

    SupercardDSOne…097 $24.22

    Edge…919 $15.30

    DSTT…613 $6.40

    r4deluxe cheap and supports sdhc


    I recommend the M3 it's far more reliable than the DSTT

    Rubbish !! Based on what ?? :roll:

    R4 does the job just fine!


    DSTT … DSTT sd card toptoy from the above site works with 8gb micro sd card ( i can vouch for this as hubby is using it) I have been told it will work ok with 16gb but i havent tried it.8gb hold over 100 backup games, upto 5 movies, over 50 emulators which include NES,SNES,Mega drive, N64,PC and a few others i forget. it can also be use as an IPOD.I can vouch for the above site that they are genuine cards as ive bought loads before xmas as presents and Hubby took them all apart to check before we gave them out.Have a look at the site they sell other " cards/cartridges" also.The saint has an easy guide set up on here somewhere with the best instructions ive seen so far, although hubby spent hours trawling youtube and other sites to get the emulators and the other stuff to work, but they are great now they do.Had way to many problems with deal extreame so i wouldnt recommend them due to this, have a look at the other threads on here for more infohope this helps

    the R4 SDHC holds 200 games on a 8gb card and can use upto 32gb micro sdhc

    All the cards mentioned work. If you have the time, research them all and make a choice for yourself. Trouble is, there are so many cards available now that it could take forever. At one time, you had a choce of R4 or M3 - the choice was easy. The key differentiators now are:
    - Frequency of update for new protections / bug fixes
    - User interface - these can be very different and are down to personal choice
    - Quality of build - many cards are poorly constructed
    - Price
    - Additional features: Real Time Saves; GBA integration; text reader; cheats; skins
    There are no right or wrong answers. I have personally used the R4, M3, CycloDS, Supercard, Edge and DSTT. You are unlikely to be disappointed with any of them. However, I have outlined my preferences above. My current favourite is the Edge card. Why? It is a CycloDS clone without the additional features. That means more regular updates than any other card (apart from the CycloDS); A clean user inerface that I prefer compared to others; Excellent build quality; A good price; up to date skins and cheats.

    Original Poster

    EDGE looks good. Gonna do some considering and prob put an order in.

    Thanks for the tips e-homies!
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