What's the best offer people have with Virgin Media [XL Broadband, M Phone & TV]?

I signed up with them with a sweet 16 package [M TV & PHONE + L Broadband] for £27/month on October 2008. However I'm going to move house in September and want to opt for the XL broadband, M Phone & TV which is currently at £31/month. Whats the best way to negotiate for a better contract, seeing Quidco are offering £120 for new customers?
Does anyone have any a good deal with this package?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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I get Line rental with talk evenings and weekends, V + box ( no monthly Chg) XL tv package and M size broadband, which is soon to be increased to 10mb all for £34.45 a month, the best way to get a similar deal or any type of deal is to tell them you are leaving and they will contact you near to your dis connection date to try and offer you a deal.
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