Whats the best Orange San Francisco Rom?

    Just looking to put a rom on which is the best 2.2 rom?

    I am considering putting Jellyfish on?


    i just put jellyfish on mine, while it seems stable, its less responsive than Stephen Hydes version, i may move back or try another.

    The one by Sebanstian404 looked good and I was going to install that one, but I think I'll hang on a bit longer because they're all alpha/beta releases. Have only just got my 2.1 ROM how I like it, so don't want to have a buggy ROM installed which requires lots of tweaks. Would be nice of we got an official ZTE 2.2 release!

    OP, instead of asking loads of questions here in misc, why not become a member and post here:…om/

    I'm sure this site would have been related to you before, but seriously you don't need anything else.
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