What's the best phone?

    New phone?


    I'd check out and have a read through any reviews for the phones you like the look off and see what other folk think of them.

    I'm trying to get a new upgrade from vodafone but I'm only paying £14.99 a month so I doubt I'll be offered any phone for free. Going to try get a SE W850i from them in a couple of weeks.

    if you loved 6230i then you'll love nokia E50
    excellent phone, slim, good battery life, memory card, camera - it's a business phone

    N range phones are a disappointment... only my opinion...
    E range is for business but the E50 really is very good and nice phone
    I bought one for my boss

    Sony ericsson w810i's good, offers here;…u=y
    Dont give too many minutes though =/


    Orange like me a lot (well they should as I give them about £120 / … Orange like me a lot (well they should as I give them about £120 / month) and when my contract comes up for renewal they have offered me any phone I want plus 600 minutes for £45 / month.Anyway, what phone should I go for? I've a 6230i at the moment and it's the kind of thing I want again but this one is almost brand new (ie two weeks old after an insurance replacement) so I may keep it for another year.What do people suggest I should go for? I like the 6230i but if there is something that is better, I'd happily change; otherwise I'll sell on the new one.Any thoughts welcome, thanks, Dio. are what'son offer.

    if you take out a contract with o2, for £35(inc vat) you get 600anytime/network mins, 100 texts and free calls every sat,sun and monday to any network and landlines all day. (max 2000 mins per month) and are separate from your standard monthly 600. this is an 18 month contract though but it will save you money which I think is more important :thumbsup: just my 2ps worth
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