What's The Best Phone/Internet/ TV Deal At The Moment

    Im on Virgin at the moment and its costing loads for just the internet which gets very limited at 6.

    What do people think is the best option at the moment? Im liking the sounds of the BT deals but they are after a 24 month contract which seems a bit extreme. Any others worth looking into?

    I cant get cable btw


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    tbh im not even that fussed about tv hmmm

    talk mobile and virgin are providing good deals at the moment

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    Im on virgin its useless - you cant do anything after 6 they cut it right down - Was thinking about getting ilovefilms package for streaming films but i doubt it would even work while im on virgin

    I am with Virgin and was v fed up with my broadband and having to reset it umpteen times a day + my V+ kept crashing. When I phoned up to try and sort it out I always always ended up in downtown Mumbai.
    So I called the cancellation department and had a bit of a winge, I am now on the 30mb broadband for not much more than before plus it does not expire in 12 months.
    So go on phone up and winge tell them you really are fed up and want to move else where :-)

    Sky are great too IMO.

    They don't cut your BB at 6, I don't notice any speed difference.

    Plusnet are cheap if you are in their exchange areas. O2 are meant to provide a good service too. Talktalk seem to be working off a few pronblems they have had on billing etc. Sometimes the cheapest is not always the best.

    The choice between BT, Virgin and Sky for TV is a tough and expensive one. Getting sky sports 1 and 2 on BT annoys me as Sky ultimately decide to put their sports on one of 4 channels. Also Sky show no 3pm kick off games!

    You may want to look at Ispreview website They post a lot of info on ISP's and post a lot of reviews. It is an independent site.

    Oh don't forget quidco if you switch!!

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