whats the best price on a 4gb and 2 gb micro sd card??

Ive found links and clicked on them but all prices are different now, i managed to get some of the 4gb ones a whie back when the were £5 when you bought 4+ but i cant seem to find and more. i dont even mind ebay! but i would prefer a uk seller!


Try ]http//ww…com

They are always very competitive with their prices, the 2gb should only be a few quid tho...not much...

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they've got 4gb toshiba ones for £5.09 for 5+ has anyone else used to toshiba?? are they any good? x

never used them before. try memorybits. ive just ordered some 2gb ones and there is a promo code for 15% off. its mvc15


lol where did my post go?

also tesco instore have the scandisk ones on a good offer. not as cheap as online but handy if you want them quickly. the difference in price for the 2gb ones were only a pound.

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try here, ordered thursday night 11.30pm, got them this morning. postage was £1.54 first class ,

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