What's the best s9 case

Found 25th Jun
Hi everyone. Just got the s9 and wondered what's the best case for it. (not the flip style ones)
I wwas looking at the spigen cases but there seems to be copies on eBay and similar ones and unsure of the quality.
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Cases reduce the impact force when you drop the phone. No case will guarantee 100%
At the end it is what you are willing to compromise
1. Thinner case but easier on the eye will lesser protect
2. Thicker case with more protection but then what is the point in buying a beautiful phone.

Take care of your phone and in many instances you won't need a case.
My other half is a clumsiest person on the planet and yetvibgot her Spigen ultra thin case . She simply doesn't care as much but also doesn't do stupid things with it
I bought then cancelled an s9 for this reason.
Big case = ugly and I may as well buy an Huawei or xiaomi phone as the lovely phone is hidden.
Slim case = worried about screen protection.
Screen protectors = curved screen so couldn't find a well rated one because they're reported to crack.
I'm not so much careless as very busy and in my constant rushing, the phone ends up on the floor from time to time

I really liked the look of the official Samsung s9 case where you can see through the front with time/notifications and it's well reviewed but it's also noted that as it slips through your fingers and makes it triple spin to the floor, the flip case gracefully flips open allowing the screen maximum impact with the floor. It isn't magnetised or have a clip
So now I'm back to square one.

What did you go for???
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