What's the best sat nav??

    Please could anyone give me some advice on sat navs?? What's the best one to go for? I need one with european mapping on it because we are going to france this year.
    Many Thanks in advance
    Claire x


    tom tom

    Tom Tom and Tom Tom [COLOR="Red"]he he he [/COLOR]

    tom tom is the best

    Tom Tom on my mobile phone. Going to Spain this year so just updated speed cameras and POI's for over there, as well as all UK.

    I love my Nav Pix - it has been invaluable, just take a picture of where you are and it will take you right back there, very handy, was staying on a Motorway Travelodge and had to go into city and find a venue for a band, then get back to travelodge and back to where I dropped my girls off, took photo of them and photo of travelodge and just pressed the photo - brilliant

    I've tried a few different ones only good one TOM TOM

    For points of interest and quality maps then Garmin are the best. Tom tom are a close second, their maps are fine, they add a lot of software functions and their maps are cheaper than Garmin. But I use Garmin, mainly as their points of interest are excellent and they have never let me down..

    You can get Garmin Mobile XT for your symbian phone, I'm using it on my 95 and it uses the internal GPS. I've also used tomtom on an earlier phone with no problems.

    edit: I have used a Garmin Streetpilot to navigate 5000 miles around France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria. It never once let me down or put me wrong. The Nuvi 350 is £109 at laskys and features live traffic updates via a built in FM receiver. I know tomtom are doing something similar but that's an excellent price for an excellent gps.

    Yep I agree, TomTom all the way. I have tried others.


    I've tried a few different ones only good one TOM TOM


    Garmin is best :thumbsup:
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