What's the best sd card for a dslr

Posted 5th Dec 2019
Hi everyone
Just wanted some advice on the best sd card for an dSLR. It's for a Canon 800d and it will get heavy usage with a macro lens documenting small items and artefacts.
I was looking at the Samsung Memory Evo 32GB Micro SDHC Card 95MB/s UHS-I U1 Class 10 with Adapter

But is the u1 speed too low?
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I'm a bit rusty on the subject, but I think the speed of the card only comes into play.
When you're taking the photos and when you're transferring files off the card.

If you're a spray and prey type of photographer, who fires off the shutter, a higher speed card would be better.
But the camera's buffer also needs to keep up.
If you're a one shot one kill type of photographer, you could get away with slower card.

If you're taking photos of small objects, you're likely to be focus stacking to get everything in focus during PP.
So I'd select a 64GB or even a 128GB card, especially if you're shooting RAW (unsure of the RAW files size for your camera) and taking multiple objects per session.

When you're transferring the files to a computer, I'd use the fastest card reader you can get.
Personally I get a fast/fastest card to suit your budget and card size you need. You can then use it the card for other types of photography.

From memory (and I might be totally wrong) those Micro SDHC Cards style cards aren't that fast when used in cameras.
I'm not familiar with the camera. But if the camera takes a bigger physical type of card, I'd get that instead.
It comes massively into play if you want to record video though - I'd get the fastest card you can get, if your shooting a lot of photos in a row it can take quite a while for the slower cards to catch up
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