Whats the best site for watching Premier League games online for free?

Found 19th Aug 2009
Hi People

I managed to pick up coverage of Liverpool v Tottenham on Saturday which was pretty good, wondering if anybody knows any decent sites to watch football on for free?

I can't remember the site I used

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Down the local
Go down the pub?

Damn - beaten to it!


+1 will try the other.
ill second justin tv very good there
Justin.tv just hosts some of the streams, but MyP2P lists and links a number of available, live streams on sites such as Justin.tv, Ustream etc and applications such as Sopcast, Veetle, TVAnts etc.


ta, have some rep
Sopcast easyest to use with p2p. 1 port and MOST matchs are streamed with it. Some in english too.
Install Sopcast, Setup port on router (if not Upnp) click on link on myp2p, will then load SWEET.
I would of thought somewhere with a TV LOL

Alls been covered:thumbsup:

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