What's the best super zoom compact camera at the mo?

    I just sold my Sony hx5 & purchased a panasonic lumix tz18 but I'm not that happy with it.

    Anyone care to offer their opinion on the best super zoom compact camera and why?

    I'm currently swaying towards the nikon s9100 but I'm not totally sure.

    Also what would be a good entry level dslr for my wife? We've seen good prices on used canon eos 500D's.


    Super zoom compact


    entry level dslr

    i have a Canon 500d and i wouldnt say its entry level at all. If you can get cashback on it all the better. I have the Canon sx210 as well and even at 14x zoom the pictures are awesome. Plus lots of fun effects on there as well which really comes out on its own at night and when you use miniture mode etc.

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    That does look good. What's the sound like (for video) on the sx210?

    I think I'll just go for it. Thanks thepasty.

    I'm glad i came across this post. i was going to get the TZ20, but have been hearing that the picture quality reallt ain't all that. I'm going for the canon sx230 now, although i don't think it has great sound for videos, but i don't need mine fir that.

    The obvious question is what didn't you like about the Sony and the Panasonic superzooms? There are inherent problems with packing such a massive zoom into a small body so you may end up dissatisfied with other compact superzooms as well.


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    I really quite liked the Sony but wanted a longer zoom and the standard pictures are sometimes hit & miss. The panasonic had a good zoom but poor video, especially when light reflected off a surface and created a vertical bar of light.
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