Whats the best temperature to leave the heating on when you are away?

    Mum & Dad are off for a few weeks holidays and we were discussing what temperature to leave the heating set at? As they normally have it around 16-18 degrees I suggested maybe 14, but that was just a random figure really. They only have it come on in the morning for half an hour then again late afternoon.


    I would have it lower than that. 10 maximum.
    Only once at night for me.


    21 degrees is generally regarded as room temperature.

    But anything above 0 degrees will allow stop pipes freezing etc. I normally set mine to the lowest setting which is 12 degrees

    :)a would just keep it as it is set the timer for it to come on at 7am for 30 mins and the same at 7pm just so the pipes dont freeze up but a probably reckon that as its not to cold as yet it would be fine to leave it off hope they have a nice time xx

    Must admit we haven't had the heating on much yet! where are you in the country were in Southend-on-sea. :-D maybe about 18

    14 degrees is as lower as my parents thermostat will go if that helps.
    Its 28 years old btw but never had a problem

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    Cheers all, they are in Kernow so not really a place reknowned for its cold snaps!
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