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Whats the best time to get reduced flowers at tescos?

Posted 29th May 2009
Is there a set time they decide to reduce these? I think some are reduced twice? anyone with inside knowlege able to help me on this one?

Its my mums 50th a week today and i plan to buy ALL the reduced flowers every day on the way home from work and sneak round to hers on thurs night and do a mass decoration im sure she will like it anyway I have had some £5 bunch of flowers for £1.50 at tescos when they are gaurenteed for 6 days instead of the standard 7days.. no way could i afford to do this at full price though!

reps for any help
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Now thats what I call tight lol
hows it tight?? Im looking to buy around 30 bunches of flowers that will only be up for the weekend.. purely for party decorations i think off my annual salary of under 7k thats pretty impressive

tight would be to buy one bunch or none at all
:evil:Go to a roundabout in the middle of the night...
Well I think it's nice of you to buy your mum flowers very thoughtful
Nice thought, maybe phone your local store and ask, they might just tell you.
Or hopefully someone knowin here.
Nice idea, if it's a big store, go every night at 10 as that's when you'll pick them up at there cheapest, but most go in the 5 o clock reductions. On any day things get reduced at around 2, thenthey go down further if they are around at 5, then when they do a shift changeover to nights, between 9 and 11 depending on the size and location of the store, they hit the last reduction of the day.
I hope your mum enjoys what you have planned, but you won't find a lot of flowers as whoever is reducing them will throw a few bundles, (speak to your local store) as it's a waste of space leaving them out if they are on death row
nice one dan +rep
Just ring your local stores and flower shops and see what they say. May be you can have a deal with them
I went in at 16:30 today and got 3 bunches of roses reduced from £4 per bunch to £1.05 a bunch, 3 lots of tulips £3 reduced to 75p a bunch and 4 bunches of crysanthums (sp) £3 a bunch reduced to 65p a bunch

So 10 bunches of flowers for £7.35 just gaurenteed for 6 days instead of 7.. and i only need them to last 4 days anyway i plan to do the same again thurs
tesco have reduced the price of their flowers...went a bout a week ago and there was some for £1.79 and up, werent bad either.
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