What's the best used laptop I can get for £180?

Found 19th Oct 2017
I'm thinking of buying a Thinkpad x220 with these specs:
- intel 5 2nd gen
- 8gb ram
- os: Windows 7,but it doesn't really matter
- 500gb hard drive (not ssd)
and I've found a seller on Ebay charging £180, including a 1 year return to base warranty.

Is this a good deal? I know its quite old. I need a laptop for productivity. I don't care about multimedia or gaming. And I want to be able to install my own version of Linux.

Can I find anything better in the £200 max range?
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You can get for that price a x230 i5 with 8GB RAM and SSD.
RiverDragon826 m ago

You can get for that price a x230 i5 with 8GB RAM and SSD.

Yes, but I really hate the x230 keyboard. Apparently it tends to fail.
Buy x240 then.
RiverDragon87 m ago

Buy x240 then.

This is well above the £200 range!
Have you even bothered to even check? click.
I have 2 x X230 at home - both ex corporate. Very good, never a problem on the keyboard. Recommend them - keyboard on X240 does NOT have a track point mouse which is a retrograde step that was corrected in the X250. Plentiful parts for X230 at the moment - I have stripped mine down to motherboard in 10 mins so can replace anything that gets broken easily.
Edited by: "mrwibble" 19th Oct 2017
Spec is i7 with 4GB and a 128GB SSD. Will probably increase memory to 8GB soon. One of the best laptops I've òwned.
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