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Found 5th Feb 2009
Hi all

My wifes grandad who is 87 is looking for an old friend and asked if I could try to find any info on him on t'internet. The details are:

Name: Bruce Salmon
Age: He didn't say (but I would assume he is a similar age
More info: He worked @ Imperial Washing Machine Company then moved to Austraila. He then moved back to Southampton and worked at CTC Travel. Then he went back to Australia on the 1st ever Russian ship to Oz.

I have googled a bit for him, but to be honest I haven;t got a clue where to start!

Any ideas would be gratefully recieved!

Cheers all


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about friends reunited i have found a few old friends on here, even my mum whos 65 found people that was at school with her

Well i assume he is an ex serviceman prehaps these guys can help
Might be worth a try:)

Unless hes done something news-worthy I'd be surprised if a google search would find him.

Australia have strict immigration rules so I assume they'll have records of everyone who comes in and probably would have contact details for this guy which would at least be accurate for when he first went over although may not be up to date and may not be available to the public.

Also being British he may be classed as an ex-pat and might have had some contact with the British embassy in Australia? I think I'd contact them first and see if they can help.

Dunno if this would be any use?


In the meantime why don't you register your wifes Grandad on sites such as Friends Reunited as people might be searching for him too:thumbsup:

try facebook? my dads on there! and hes no spring chicken
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