Whats the best way to get a SKY + box now?

    I have the full sky package, with movies (not sport)
    I quite want the sky+ box for recording.

    I was thinking about a second hand box off ebay or somesuch.. they seem to be going for around £50ish..
    not sure if sky would activate this... or if there would be another monthly fee..

    has anyone got one of these recently?



    Sky do activate them and there is no monthly fee for sky+. I bought one from fleabay and got it activated no probs. You'd just need a second feed to the box so you can record and watch 2 different programmes atthe same time

    If your buying a second hand box, go for a Pace one, and try and avoid the Amstrads. Thats my personal opinion though.

    I got a hold of a Second hand Pace 3100 and have had it ages, even upgraded the HDD to 80GB its a great bit of kit.

    Just remember you will need a New LNB for the dish and some cable to put the second line in.

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    the LNB is the part on the outside of the dish isnt it?

    i dont think im going to be able to get to that. I live in a high up apartment... nuts!
    didnt realise id have to swap that.

    Yup, you need 2 independent feeds from the dish to take full advantage of the sky box

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    oh well, thats the end of that then!

    thanks for your help


    oh well, thats the end of that then!thanks for your help

    you can still use the sky+ functions as this is what I do at home. We only have one feed to the second box and it works fine as long as the box is set to the channel you want to record.

    Might as well buy a Freeview Box with HDD, or DVD recorder with HDD if your gonna do that it will be brand new and cost the same amount as a Second hand SKY+ Box, completely ties up the SKY+ box if you record on single LNB.

    I tried it for a bit when I got mine, did me head in you have to be constantly aware of which feed your recording or watching, otherwise you set the SKY+ Box to record something your really looking forward to come to watch it and there aint nothing there to watch but a screen saying NO SIGNAL. lol the amount of times I did that grrrr

    If you are prepared to pay £50 for a second hand box off eBay then you may aswell phone Sky and try and get them to do a deal.

    I threatened to leave because I said I didn't watch many of the channels as I was out a lot and didn't have a video or dvd recorder. They were very quick to offer Sky+ for £49.99 including installation.

    I got FREE SKY+ about 6 months ago by threatening to leave and didn't pay a penny. No charge for the box or for installation. So ring up and try. Just ask what you need to do to cancel and how much notice you need to give. I'm not even on movies or sports package so I'm sure they'll want to keep you as a customer if you are. Good luck.

    Ring up threaten to cancel, if you get an **** just hang up and try again lol.
    You will soon get a free sky+ box, 3 people i work with have got them within the past week!
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