What's the best way to own/insure 2 cars?

Posted 21st May 2010
Will have 2 cars soon, looking for the cheapest way to own/insure them.

Car number 1 will be for own business use only (other than emergencies, car 2 broken down for example). So I would assume I can claim the tax back on all the costs, insurance etc?

Car number 2 will be for family use.

I have 6 year's no claims and had a full license for 6 years.

Wife has no no claims and has only just got her full license.

How would you arrange the insurances for best value? I'm thinking that I might be best to use my no claims on the family car and make the more expensive one the business one as I should be able to claim the tax back on it?

But then my wife wouldn't build up a no claims bonus. So would it be better to use my no claims on the business car and to pay more for the insurance on the family car as my wife would then build up a no claims bonus?

AFAIK I can only use my no claims on the one car can't I?

Thanks for any input.
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