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What's the best way to spend a 5k car allowance?

Posted 24th May 2014
I have a job offer pending and it includes a £5K car allowance.

It's not often that I would need to use my car for work but I need to have a car to receive the allowance. They pay 18ppm for work travel miles and I can claim relief for the other 27ppm on a tax return.

I guess my question is if there are any tax efficient ways to spend the allowance that may reduce tax and ni.. maybe a lease vehicle or something?
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is it 5k or 5£?
18ppm is very low, unless you get fuel on the company.
£5 car allowance?
I've received a £5k car allowance and upgraded my car with the money, kept the money for a rainy day etc etc. Do what you want with it? I do believe you need to take out business car insurance
but hookers and drugs. you don't have to spend it ona car
£5K .. thanks, edited.

yeah 18ppm is low given that my current car's fuel economy is about 14ppm and it excludes tax, wear and tear and depreciation.

I don't have to spend it on a car but I need to have a car so figured if there was a way to hire/purchase or lease a car that works out way cheaper than owning a car I would go for that option.
company cars ain't the perk they used to be, either way its gonna cost you in tax, maybe better asking an accountant?
you only get tax on your pay for a car allowance.BIK only counts if the company gives you the car as a perk.
don't buy french.
Guess I was hoping that accountants like to save money too hence use HUKD and possibly then share some knowledge/experience.
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