What's the best zoom lens to fit a canon 600d?

    I am thinking of getting this lens Tamron SP AF 70-300 F/4-5.6 Di VC USD .Any one got any views of it, or any alternative suggestions. Don't want to spend more than £300.

    Also does it need a filter (don't know anything about cameras, it's for a present)

    Thanks for the help


    Filters are optional. They're just like screen protectors - some swear by them, others think it ruins the experience.
    One thing they do do is protect the front element from physical damage.

    I have this. I've always been happy with it. I've got a similar focal length lens that costs 4 times as much but is too big, too bulky and too eye-catching to shoot clandestinely (sports events, not my voyeur fetish!!).…KB6
    I'd tend to recommend Canon authorised resellers (i.e. amazon and not 3rd party) even though they cost a bit more. You can buy from overseas and save a lot, but won't get delivered in time and may get hit with customs. From Amazon it's £368 but third party is selling for £300

    If you're willing to break your budget a little though, there's always this…m-1

    if you can stretch your budget just a little bit more, then i would suggest the Tamron 18-270mm pzd lens. One of the most versatile walkabout lens and doesn't break the bank balance.

    Here's a review.…tml

    I always have a filter for all my lenses, as other have said, I tend to leave mine on all the time, so I will always go for B+W or Hoya filters. There's no point in getting a cheaper filter if you get a decent lens, pretty counter productive imho.

    just to add, there are 2 versions to the Tamron lens, the pzd is the later verson, its smaller and lighter than the non pzd (1st version). So don't make the mistake
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