What's the BT support phone number?

Found 19th Jun 2008
The high winds took out my neighbour's phone line. I can't access the BT website. Can anypne tell me the phone number for them?


0800 800 150 off the top of my head.


or you can just ring 150 from a landline.

What are the ways to report a fault?
You can report a fault online or by phone:

Residential customers call:
For free on a BT line 151
For free on a non-BT line 0800 800 151
From a mobile 800 800 151 (there may be a charge)
Business customers call:
For free on a BT line 154
For free on a non-BT line 0800 800 154
From a mobile 800 800 154 (there may be a charge

Original Poster

Cheers guys.

I've been round the neighbour's house now, and it turns out that it's okay - he's connected by Cable & Wireless (or Virgin as I guess it is now) anyway, so his phone's unaffected by the BT line falling down. A good thing, as he's quite an old chap, and I was worried that he might need his line.

What I'll do now is give BT a call myself about the line. Can't be having their junk cluttering up my back garden. And besides that, we need to be having discussions about compensation - damn cable landed square on my lupins. That's £2.49 worth of flower right there, b*stards.

tip : only call them if you have an hour to spare !! & enjoy classical music :w00t:

If the cable is classed as dangerous it will get high priority, an engineer is likely to called out tonight to make the cable safe. (He'll love you for a callout it it's miniumum 3 hours at time and a half 3 x 19.50ish) it'll take the engineer 10 mins to tape it to the pole and make it safe.
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