Whats the cheapest 1tb external hard drive ?

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Found 28th Nov 2008
the one you just plug into your usb not really clued up on these things but dads asked for one for his bday x


That Amazon item beats the company I usually use:

Currently £89.30 inc vat


]Probably the TrekStor for £69.98 from Amazon.

**** me that's cheap! :shock:

That is very cheap!!!

Next cheapest is between 80 - 100.

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]Probably the TrekStor for £69.98 from Amazon.

that would of been great but now gone up to £96

Probably the next cheapest then:


Any good?

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Probably the next cheapest … Probably the next cheapest then:]http://www.amazon.co.uk/Buffalo-Drivestation-External-Hard-Drive/dp/B001ER6CIW/ref=dp_cp_ob_ce_title_1/279-6715373-1389638Any good?

that one looks fab think i will go for that one thanks for your help rep added :thumbsup:

All these you'll have to plug into a power socket as well as USB, if you want one that just plugs into USB and doesn't need an extra power cable you'll need a portable one, but those are limited to 500GB and are more expensive.


Don't forget 5% discount if you are an RAC member :thumbsup:
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