What's the cheapest car+insurance for a 19 year old male? (just passed)

Found 29th Mar 2013
I just passed and need some advice on the cheapest options
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Go to a broker and have as big excess as you can afford. Drive very sensibly for your first year and don't crash.
m8 go to tesco insurance they were the cheapest for my son who is 20 he is 1850 a year first year on a corsa 1l gls 53 model
If I can find the exact same model then maybe I could go to Tesco... I work there but I don't think they give discounts for employees!
all u wnat is a nice lil safe car to get from a to b m8 when u got couple years no claims behind you then u can go for car of your dreams just be sensible with it m8 as it will hurt your pocket at this stage with insurance goin up and so
have a look there m8 gumtree.com/all…gls
u may find something plus to get parts and labour it is cheap to fix that counts as well m8
That's why I'm looking for the cheapest option out there.. Thanks for the advise though
Put another driver as a named driver even if they will never use it, have a look at cashback sites too
no probs m8 check the car first then check with the insurance company for a price for insurance then you will be ok knowing the price and what it gonna cost you hopeu get a good one m8 and be safe
Is there any other car in your household? if so it might be worth trying Admiral multi policy. My sons girlfriend did hers through a multi policy and got her first fully comp for just over £900 when she first passed 18 months ago and she was 19 and my son did his and it came in at just under £1000 and they even honoured his 2 years no claims he earned on my insurance.
Try cooperative insurance my Missus got her first insurance reasonable through them as did her twin brother
A friend got her sons through adrian fluxfor her 17 year old son. Cost £1,000 only restriction was his mileage 3,000 a year. You could always try insure the box as well.
Surprised noone has suggested using comparethemarket/moneysupermarket and just trying different car options to work out the cheapest...

Just get a quote, then go back and change the car based on what you can afford and found to purchase (e.g. on autotrader or a local dealer) and then go for the best value.
Direct line has been the cheapest for me. They could be worth a try ?
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