What's the cheapest price paid Udemy courses go down to? £12.99? Thoughts on these courses? Excel, Python, Power BI, Tableau

Posted 21st Jun 2020Edited by:"MRRUK"
Hi guys & gals,

I know there's courses that are occasionally free but I am looking to do some of the more quality courses that costs money.

I have added some to my cart and been monitoring the price going down, but wondering what's the lowest they tend to go?

So far the lowest price I've seen them go to is £12.99 before bouncing back up again, eventually returning to that price... Do they ever go below £12.99? Or is that rare, thinking when I should pull the trigger on some courses I've been eyeing up. Thanks!

I'm looking to learn Excel and thought these two looked good:



Afterwards maybe Python:



Power BI:


Anyone done any of these courses I listed above? or any others you can recommend?
Are books/text-books sometimes better than doing these online courses?

Any advice, insight appreciated! thanks!
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Adding code takes it down to ~£10 mark sometimes, purchased couple of courses last year.

You will have to google the codes though.
Ive done 27 different courses on Udemy ranging from excel to programming to photography and such like.

All of them should have been free.

The free ones, well i should have requested them pay me to complete. Whether its just the level I was at before the course or the courses themselves, some were over £100 reduced to £20 some were £400 reduced to free.

If you are happy to pay the price at the moment then go for it but i reckon searching youtube for free videos will have the same effect.

Just my opinion.
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Slightly off topic but as a suggested alternative. LinkedIn has a video learning platform very similar to Udemy, imaginatively called LinkedIn Learning.

You employer may have this for all employees?

Failing that, you could sign up to the free trial for a month, or failing even that, pay, but it’s about £25 a month. Although if you’re thinking of doing a few £12 Udemy courses; it might be cheaper.

I’d say the quality on LinkedIn is higher.
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