What's the cheapest genuine SJ4000 on Amazon.co.uk?

I don't mind if it comes from China, just as long as it is the real deal :). The cheaper the better...

Thank you


ah sorry didnt see the amazon bit

yeh hard to decipher the fake ones from the real ones

would also like the answer to this

Original Poster


would also like the answer to this

I ended up buying an SJ4000 labelled camera from Amazon. Turned out to be an SD28 clone camera! Literally the only thing different was that the genuine SJ4000 batteries wouldn't fit. Even the firmware stated 'SJ4000'! Amazon gave me a full refund as it was a counterfeit product...
Despite being a counterfeit, it works very well. So since it was effectively free, I'm just going to stick with it.
Long story short though - good luck finding a seller that's selling a genuine SJ4000. They seem to be as rare as hen's teeth
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