What’s the Cheapest nonVPN Xbox gamepass ultimate sub

Posted 7th Aug
My pass to ultimate has just expired and gone to full price, so have cancelled it. Having looked, my options seems to be £10.99 per month or the overly complicated vpn or unreliable cdkeys kind of vouchers (hit and miss for new members etc) so what have people found? Cheers
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I ordered 3 months of Ultimate from Kinguin a few nights back for around £21 but my order got put on hold and it went on for 2 days without reply to my ticket, so I cancelled that. Your mileage may vary.

I then ordered from Eneba for £22.38 which seemed to be the best I could find. Absolutely no problems ordering from them.

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Buy whatever amount of ultimate you want in Xbox Live Gold ( if you want 6 months of ultimate, buy 6 months of Xbox Live Gold) then buy one month of ultimate at full price (10.99) from the Xbox store. That converts all the live gold to ultimate.
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