Whats the cheapest place to buy Loft Floor Boards?

Found 18th Mar 2018

Can someone please help me find cheapest place to buy Loft Floor Boards from experience?
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Normally your local timber merchant will be cheaper for this product compared to the DIY warehouses.

Also consider buying large 18mm (2.4m by 0.6m) chipboard flooring sheets and cutting them down yourself. Smaller sheets make it easier to get them in/out of the loft but you pay for the privellege. The timber merchant may even cut them down in size for free if you buy a few from them.

In the North East I'd use someone like this...... jparrboro.co.uk/240…058 (which includes free delivery over £40).
I'm considering cutting a whole in the celling plasterboard and throwing up a few 8x4ft OSB boards as they work put a lot cheaper then the off the shelf Loft Boards, even from a timber merchant.
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