What's the cheapest thing at Tesco.Direct now that free sim trick doesn't work..

    Will be dishin' out the rep for the contributors, rest assured.

    Spent £24.99, need it to be that 'extra penny' dearer to enable free delivery to the store.
    when did that free sim trick stop?! (tut...)

    err...not being a miser or owt..but would like it to be less tha 50p or sommat, lol!

    Or actually, if I order 2 of my items at £24.99, I wonder if it'd be free returns if I decided to give one back (think I may end up keeping it though and give away as an Xmas prezzie..)


    Simple solution... buy something else to top up the order to £25 (make sure the items are returnable - most items are anyway) and get free delivery to local store. Simply return the unwanted item straightaway and get full refund.

    Original Poster

    thanks a bunch m'dears. repped ya both. (am gonna go with ordering 2...) getting the wheelybugs which has just been listed in the 'deals' section

    Original Poster


    arghhh! i've already ordered now (:cry:) wonder if i can cancel it and re-order...gone to 'orders' and status showing as 'awaiting payment authorisation' or sommat at the mo

    edt: i searched and searched before hitting that order now button an all..REPPED all the same
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