What's the Cheapest Way of Buying Petrol?

Found 29th Mar 2009

Soon to start a new job, extra 9000 miles per year travelling so I'm going to buying quite a bit more fuel. What is the cheapest way of buying petrol these days?

I have an Egg Cashback Card. So this is 1% cashback, and then extra on Shell Fuel Sometimes.
I have a Shell Loyalty Card.
I have an ASDA Credit Card which used to be 2p per litre off, but now it's only 1p I believe.
I have a Tesco Clubcard.

But, more than willing to get a new card in my wallet if I can get fuel cheap long term.

All suggestions and pointers welcome, even if I need to do a bit of research after!
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think tescos, as they regularly give vouchers back at the till (in store) for 5p off a litre of fuel. plus atm you get double points on fuel (i think they are still doing this atm)
You need a more fuel efficient car? Diesel maybe..
I don't want to change my car. Just want to find the best way of getting the cheapest petrol to put in it.
If you are required to drive places as part of your job? Do your company not do fuel cards? Some sort of scheme to make it better for you?
Tesco credit card.
This seems to be good:

EDIT: Except I've just been declined! Clean Credit Rating. Reasonably Large Income. No debt. Jeez!
Wrap a bin liner around your number plates, use the pumps at the back and speed away covering your face after brimming the tank.

Isn't that what everyone does? :oops:

Serious - the Egg cashback thing is probs the best overall :thumbsup:
Tesco is the best if you use the points on deals, for every £10 you spend you get 40p to spend on deals as its double points at the moment and this seems to be an ongoing offer.
Probably the cheapest way would be to have some barefaced cheek. I used to know someone who would only go shopping or fill the car with petrol if there was someone with him. He would then realise he had a financial crisis at the point of payment and make the person he was with feel obliged to assist with payment or to pick up the cost with the promise of later payback. Didnt take me long to realise that this was his way of getting others to always pick up the tab. But if you have cheek enough it could save some money.
If your doing an extra 9k miles a year, it would be sensible to change cars (diesel) as mentioned above. You'd probably offset the cost in your 1st year of motoring !!
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