Whats the cheapest way to get broadband and calls if you havent got a bt line?

    1. My nan has Virgin basic TV package and broadband and she is quitting because it is too expensive now. She obviously hasnt got a bt line due to virgin being installed so what is the cheapest way to get broadband or calls?? If she was to change to bt she would have to get a bt line and that would be expensive etc.

    2. Is there a way to get cheap pay as you go broadband for my nan? Like dial-up but for broadband lol as she only uses the web for like an hour a day or even less

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hope your nabours have and leech off them lool


    How much is she paying for line rental and broadband at the mo!!

    Good question!

    She could call & haggle for a discount with Virgin. This works for some - no harm in trying as she's thinking of leaving anyway :thumbsup:

    Otherwise the BT free-install & something like PlusNet looks a good option? ]PlusNet Broadband Home & Phone, minus ]£28-38 Quidco.

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