What's the cheapest way to get Freesat??

Found 26th Nov 2017
I have a sky dish with the lead going into my conservatory but don't subscribe to sky it was just here when I moved in.

what's the best way to make use of this to get some tv in that room ? Are there cheap freesat boxes or if I got an old sky one would it work without a card?
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The sky one will work. You can just leave the card in also, no need for a contract etc.
Just buy a freesat box the sky one will have all channels on but 99 peecent will be blocked out so ya will be flicking thow forever
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2nd hand Freesat box off the Bay, cheepest way.
Humax Freesat box , and you can get a refurb from Humax with a 1 year guarantee for £39. Just plug the sky aerial lead into the back.


Or splash out some more for a 2 tuner box with recordable HDD if the sky dise has a dual LNB and 2 cables running from it.
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