what's the cost of a outside tap fitting?

Hi anyone have any idea of the costs of getting a outside tap fitted, thanks in advance


Around the North West it's between £60-£70. I only know as there seems to be lots of posts on road signs advertising outside taps - very random.

£70 if mains water is nearby on internal side of the wall.

I paid £50

Its an easy DIY job if your that way inclined, particularly if its going the other side of the wall to your kitchen sink. You can get kits with everything in from B&Q for about £10

£15 and a little time if you do it yourself.
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Had mine done 2 years ago, and paid £115, south east so charges prob higher than a lot of places, also they had to make two visits as the mains stopcock was jammed open and we then had to re book to have that replaced at the same time so they could do the job. My sister had hers done as well and paid about £10 less for a different company , we had three quotes so fairly average price for here. Also involved the poor plumber with his head stuck inside one of our kitchen cupboards for the best part of 30 mins for him to drill through our walls which apparently are particularly hardwork .
Lovely brass tap though which looks fab and saves me so much time in the summer , one of those things i wish we had done years ago.
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my plumber did mine for £20 plus £18 for the tap and bits of pipe etc. took him about 30-40 mins... York area
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Those DIY outside tap kits are awful. Would you trust a hose pipe to hold mains pressure water? If it does spring a leak there's every chance it will run into the cavity and you will only notice when the damp patches start showing. Also the self cutters are crap.

£60-£100 is a reasonable price to pay, all done in copper, with a double check valve, and lever isolation valve.
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