whats the deal with empire stores?

    need to buy two items from empires stores
    they are both over £50 so would like to use codes
    are there 1st time users and account holder codes i'll be able to use or is it jsut the one code?
    many thanks



    Unless you know the source of the code - or specifically issued to you, the chances are that the order will be completed and later down the line, the "discount" is clawed back.

    Completely out of order IMHO - but it seems no one is willing to take them on to stop the practice of validating a purchase then being allowed to change their mind months later.

    Original Poster

    cherrs so thers no guarantee then
    there loks to be some promising coes out there but i belive i have never ordered from them before

    Just used ordr code PK3973, works fine for exixting customers.
    I've personally only had one code rejected out of a huge number I've used and i rang them up about it and they refunded me!


    never had a code withdrawn after use, have used any codes seen and yes some have been rejected beofre order, os juts tried another, but neer had any pulled back after order

    I use a code near on everytime i order something, sometimes the same code 2 or 3 times and never had one refused or cancelled yet.

    they are usally reliable, and if it goes through it goes through!

    theres a code for 25 of 50 for existing customers

    Original Poster

    thanks guys
    what would people recommend?
    i need to buy two mattresses at £59.99 each! which coupons will be valid?

    i am a new customer

    many thanks
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