Whats the deal with utility point and bulb energy?

Posted 4th Mar 2019
They seem to be new companies, offering great rates.

Reviews are generally good, which is very suspect for a energy company.

Upon reading reviews, it does appear that both companies offer referral codes, so it looks like people are leaving positive reviews in hope someone uses their referral code and thus making £25 or what ever the sum is.

Some reviewers are stating that the companies have upped their DD after X amount of months without notice and without proof from meter readings, and are difficult to get hold of customer service.

I've just got a email from my current supplier stating that my energy price will increase £100 next month, so im looking to switch. I've got a meter reading from 2017, so have calculated exactly what I use between then and now. Which seems to be:

Electricity: 4197 KWH per year (well above average)
Gas: 4745 KWH per year (well below average)

So.. who is with them?
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