whats the difference between a latex mattress and a orthopedic mattress?

Found 18th Feb 2009
this isnt a joke ... lol

whats the difference? bought a bed now being asked if i want a latex or ortho mattress



Never heard of a latex matress (Where did you see it, Soho? ;-) )

Orthopedic matresses are normally just a bit firmer than regular matresses. Built more for support than comfort.

Is a latex mattress like they have in hospitals.. that thick latex cover? Surely not.. it would be so uncomfortable?

latex ones mold to shape of your body to support your natural body shape.

Orthorpedic are firmly sprung.

latex is a bit like memory foam isn't it?


latex is for bed wetters

orthorpedic for people with bad backs



ooohh I see, it looks nice! Thank you cuzzy

totally off topic but..hawick...are you from Hawick? :w00t:

Original Poster


totally off topic but..hawick...are you from Hawick? :w00t:

lol ... aye i am :thumbsup:


lol ... aye i am :thumbsup:

We went to Hawick on holiday once. It was lovely

Latex is better, I bought orthopaedic and couldn't sleep they are so hard!

I am waiting for a delivery of Latex as they do mould to your shape and also mites cannot live in them !!!
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