whats the difference between an intel dual core processor beginning with letter P or T and is a T5500 better or worse than a T3400

    I have had a look on the internet and cant find anything about it.
    Please help.


    From what I can see P=less power usage.

    T34 is better going by benchmark tests.

    Just depends on the model
    Some sockets have has a 45NM processor where as and some have a 65NM. the older T series all have a 65nm processor and a lower FSB. the newer ones T 9400 and above have a 45nm processor. The P are newer sockets and as said are more energy effiecient

    I think the T5500 is better but i cant find the T3400 so it must be an old one…GHz

    The T5550 has 985 to the right of it (so you can find it quickly)

    It goes into great detail here (see under Penryn)…ors

    The only difference I can see is that the T ones are marked "standard voltage" and the P ones are marked "medium voltage".
    (medium is lower than standard)

    Op Shegis is right. even though the T34 is older it rocks

    I wouldn't really classify the T34 as 'old' it's just that naming distinction between Dual Core and Core 2 Duo. Went through all this myself last november and it's a minefield due to the chip numbers not really relating that well to the performance. You would think a 5550 would be miles better that a 3400 but it just doesn't work that way. Complete wind up on the part of Intel :lol:

    As an aside the wife bought a recon laptop from Dabs sunday night, that was just listed as C2D, no specs £290 delivered. Turned out to contain a T7500, exact same laptop I spent £350 on. It was a calculated risk on my part as I recognised the S/N ;-)
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