Whats the difference between the Samsung LE37R88BD and Samsung LE37R87BDX/XEU

The Samsung LE37R88BD can be had for around £500
whereas Samsung LE37R87BDX/XEU is around £510

Just wondering whats the difference between the 2



I think the R88 is exclusive to Dixons, and the differences between the R88 and R87 are purely cosmetic. I'm not sure what the X/XEU suffix means.

Does the 'X' signify that it has built in freeview? I have a samsung HDTV and there are versions of the same model without freeview for a slightly cheaper price.

I thought this was going to be a ............. what's the difference between joke !!

Perhaps the EU in the XEU bit means that it's the European model; that could mean that the other is the UK specific model. Just a guess but possible.

There are too many Samsung models, I beleive the likes of Comet and Currys have special models made for them so that they cannot be compared to online deals on standard models.
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