Whats the difference between these 2 TVs?

Posted 9th Oct
hi im looking for a new tv and found 2 on here and was wondering if any tech heads can give me some advice cos I know you all know your stuff and ive not a scooby. is it worth the extra 150 for the LG one? obviously im aware theyre different sizes before anyone says that haha.



or can anyone recommend anything any better for no more than 500?

thank you very much in advance
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One is a 60" and one is a 50".
As above, probably not a huge difference in image quality but 60" will be much better simply due to its size
It's an odd question, there are more differences than similarities.

Hisense 50" for £349
LG 60" for £499

It's worth the extra money if you want a bigger TV, both offer good value but niether of them will be anything special.
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One is branded as LG and one is Hisense
Thought id get more helpful answers than the obvious stuff I could tell myself. Guess not nevermind
Size, name and price(y)
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