What's the difference bwt Intel® Core™ and a Intel® Viiv™ Core™

    Can anyone tell me the difference between Intel® Core 2 Duo E4500 Processor (2.2GHz,800MHz,2MB cache)
    Intel® Viiv Core 2 Duo E4500 Processor (2.2GHz,800MHz,2MB cache)

    Im looking at a dell but know the difference. Also, it gives me an option to ad a modem - do i need one if I have wirless / braodband ?

    Please help as the deal runs out sonn and I really dont know much about these typ of things! thank you guys!


    Nothing so I was told before

    ViiV is the sequel to Centrino, wikipedia will tell you the rest, to the end user, it doesn't mean a thing, but i wouldn't get the ViiV one anyway.…iiv

    The Viiv thing is meaningless - it's a marketing term for systems with a certain combination of hardware, which, off the top of my head, must be Core2 CPU, motherboard with an Intel chipset, and an Intel-branded network adaptor. The benefit to the industry is that it's supposed to provide a secure delivery path for encrypted content, like videos and stuff, and to make for a snazzy marketing term for manufacturers. There is no benefit to you, so it can be ignored safely.

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    Thanks guys - I have no idea about this sort of thing!
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