Whats the difference with the box or the plastic package triport BOSE earphones

    It's very confusing!!
    Just wondering if anyone can shed some light?
    I did see on here ages ago I think about there being copied BOSE earphones.
    What do I need to look out for?

    Has anyone got these?
    What do you think of them for quality and comfort?



    Why don't you drop Bose an email I'm sure they can tell you the answers.…jsp

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    Thats ok for the details of the earphones, but I'm sure that they will tell me how wonderful they are and why I should buy them.
    As opposed to an independent view as people on here will have.

    Thankyou for you help anyway.

    Here's an independent review:…es/

    Good reliable reviews on that site. I've purchased earphones based on reviews from there before.

    Dunno about the packaging but they are AWESOME !! for quality beat all the other earphones easily within its price range and easily the cheaper ones. Comfortable yes come with 3 different sized tips small,m,l. So yes i would highly recommend them

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    Have looked at some reviews and am undecided now.
    These are a good contender and have excellent reviews....
    "Sennheiser CX 95 Style Canalphones"

    Hi MarzBarz how ya doing, thanks for your advice.

    dude try the bose ones and you'll love them , the bass is amazing

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    Just got the Bose.

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