What's the easiest way to flash a Xbox 360 right now?

I have one of the first batch of premium Xbox 360s, what's the best way to flash it and what would I need? Not bothered about online play as I don't have XBL. Thanks.


Sata cable (and PC, not laptop)

You can also still go no XBL until they ban you

t0mm is pretty much right (for once!) I done it yesterday. You need a PC with a SATA connection and an SATA cable. Oh and preferably a USB stick :)... And a T5 Screwdriver (I think) Might be a T10

so long as you have the right sata chipset you are fine, you also need a thumb drive to boot from and a pc that will boot from usb.

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I'm lost already, don't feel like opening up my PC! btw where can I get those SATA cables and screwdriver?


What computer do you have? Can see if there is any point in opening your PC up. Screwdriver sets usually have the right fitting for opening the 360, a 5 point star.

T10, you need.
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