Whats the fuel consumption on a 1995 toyota celica?

    Been thinking about buying a 1800 toyota celica, seen a few oldish ones but with low miles on the clock, what are theses cars like in general? whats the fuel consumption like on the non turbo ones? im running a 1800 vectra so would it use alot more ptrol than mine?



    Don't own one myself, but i always check out this site when lookig at cars:…408

    The manufacturer quoted figures are often no where near reality especially in a used car.
    Have a look for the Celica owners forum and ask on there for real world figures.
    A lot will depend on your own driving style, but I would imagine the Celica would weigh less than a vectra and has much improved areodynamics over the vectra thus I would imagine you you should get more MPG out of the celica.

    I wouldn't rule out a turbo, as you dont have to drive it on boost, but its there when you need that bit extra, I have twin turbos in my car, and fuel consumption isnt the best, but it does put a huge smile on my face, especially when that second turbo spins up.
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