What's the GPS of choice right now?

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Found 8th Jun 2009
I have an HP314 gps which has generally been very good. The screen is brilliant and it has other features like games which are occasionally useful. The device itself works very well other than the fact the battery is pretty much given up now. So I'm looking for a replacement. Wondered if there were any newer gps devices out there that I should be looking at?

Quite like the fact that it pauses the music to issue you a command. So is there a gps device that does that and has a nice screen?


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Got a funny feeling I'm not meant to return my gps. Now onto my fifth number to phone provided by HP and again they tell me it's someone else I'm supposed to talk to. Then when they said they were going to transfer me again they hung up on me instead!!!

Now I'm angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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